Théodore Mann

Théodore Mann, an artist, a painter and a poet, was born on the 8th of February 1985 in Lyon. Being a self taught artist, he started to paint on wood, using leftovers from the wood factory where he has been going regularly from the age of 16. Could it be the artist’s first contact with paper which was later to become the object of his fancy and expression? What could be better indeed, to get to know the essence of something than to know what it is made of? From an early age, Mann has been on a quest for absolute freedom as a deep belief in the virtues of the self. Refusing to be trapped inside a one-sided way of thinking, a concept or any kind of dogma, only his emotions and his inner feelings guide his steps and tell him if something is a necessity or not. And so it will be in his art. The « Green Period » is very important to that regard. As a consequence of his artistic evolution and inner trail of thoughts, the artist found with this mean of expression an esthetics capable of fully conveying his feelings. 

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